Tips To Clean And Maintain An Air Mattress

The air mattress is known for its comfort and coziness and is one of our most frequent picks. Air mattress is produced by a delicate material so high emphasis should be placed on its maintenance.

So cleaning an air mattress is quite different from cleaning a conventional mattress, or any other kind. Stains should be treated asap and any damage should be restored without delay. For any type of problem associated with your air mattress, you can hire a professional mattress cleaning service.

Air Mattress Cleaning Service
Air Mattress Cleaning Service

Cleaning the air mattress is easy as long as you should adopt the appropriate measures. We’re giving you some tips in this blog to clean up an air mattress. Follow the steps and methods given below and clean your air mattress at home.

Methods For Air Mattress Cleaning

Mild Soap and Warm Water

Mild soap is generally used to thoroughly cleanse an air mattress. All you need to do is first prepare a solution of mild soap and warm water. Stir the solution repeatedly and create some lather into the solution. Rinse the cloth in this solution now, and use this cloth to clean every inch of the mattress. Remove any sticky mud or dirt that shows up on the mattress. Old stains should be given special attention, and the stains should be rubbed repeatedly until the stain slowly fades away. Now rotate the air mattress, and also clean the mattress bottom. Do not use any other liquid cleaning agent or harsh detergent. Don’t use too much water. Use pain cloth to dry the mattress and remove any excess soap once you are finished.

White Vinegar And Water

White vinegar is an amazing substance that can be used for cleaning the air mattresses. And can also be used for mattress stain removal and also for mattress sanitization. White vinegar is also effective in delivering mattress deodorization to remove all the unpleasant odors. All you need to do is mix white vinegar and warm water and make a solution, and pour this into an empty spray bottle. Extensively spray this solution onto the entire surface area of the air mattress. Leave the solution on the air mattress as it is and let it dry. Now flip the mattress as well as spray that solution on this side of the mattress. You can use any fabric rinsed in water to further clean the mattress.

Rubbing Alcohol And Water

Rubbing alcohol is a good cleaning agent that can be used for cleaning of air mattresses and removing the stain from mattresses. It has natural properties of disinfection that can also be used for mattress sanitization. First, dilute the alcohol by adding an equal amount of water and rinse a sponge in the diluted alcohol. Now use that sponge to scrub your air mattress. You can use concentrate alcohol for mattress stain removal, rub the stain regularly until the stain slowly fades away, to remove the stain from the mattress. Repeat the process for the desired results of air mattress cleaning, and ensure that you also flip the mattress and clean the bottom.

Hire Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

Air Mattress Cleaning Service
Air Mattress Cleaning Service

We have established ourselves as the best mattress cleaning company through our knowledge and experience. Our professional mattress cleaners are trained, experienced and skilled individuals. Equipped with all the modern tools and latest equipment, they can deliver all kinds of mattress cleaning services.

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