Why Cat And Dog Urine Is Bad For Your Mattress?

The mattress present in your house would definitely add luxury and comfort to your sleep and you would not like to have a dirty or stained mattress.

The cleaning of the mattress becomes more important if you have pets in your house. However, pets can have some of the severe effects on your bed mattress as they can invite multiple germs as well as stains. One of the most common stains faced by pet owners on their mattress is urine stains. Your cat or dog may pee on your mattress and makes it more difficult to have easy Mattress Mould Removal Service

Not only has this they also have some of the major side effects of urine on your mattress. The urine stains are among the hardest stains to be cleaned and a person needs to wise enough to deal with them effectively. Here are some of the ways which would let you know why animal urine is bad for a mattress. 

Mattress Mould Removal
Mattress Mould Removal

Why Pet Urine Is Not Good For Mattress? 

Acid and Bacteria

When pet urine first hits your mattress it is acidic in nature and has a pH level of 5 or maybe 6. This also encourages the growth and spread of some of the disease-causing bacteria. The urine on the mattress also starts to get oxidized and react with the mattress fibers, which cause the stained area to get discolored. 

Urgent Attention Needed

Spills can easily turn to be permanent stains if they are left untreated when the acid in the stains become alkaline with pH level of 10 to 12. This is the reason why it is best to deal with the fresh spills by the best mattress odour removal techniques. The fresh spill which does not get time to be dried is easy to remove completely from the deeper fibers of mattress. 

Permanent Damage

Stains which have been left on the mattress for a long time may also cause some of the irreversible damages. Even if you have removed visible deposits, the dye present on the carpet might already have darkened or faded. In addition, the problem can also be compounded by the urine which gets soaked through flooring. 

Lingering Odour

Once the bacteria start to breed on the carpet, it creates amino acids which are also absorbed by the carpet fibers and meld with carpet. However, exposing or drying the stained carpet to sunlight would not help because the dried urine also produces the hydrophilic salt crystals that can attract moisture. Every time the salts have been remoistened they give off ammonia, they release the nasty smell. On more, humid days, this turns out to be a constant problem for you and you would have to go for thorough mattress sanitizing. 

Mattress Cleaning Service
Mattress Cleaning Service

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