How To Clean Pee From a Mattress?

Sound sleeping is essential for our health and a mattress plays an important role. However, its daily use may leave stains which make the mattress look ugly and smell bad. This particularly happens when you have kids and pets at home, and pee stains on a mattress are common in many cases.

How To Clean Pee From a Mattress?

How To Clean Pee From a Mattress?

In such a situation, one should be aware of the methods to clean the pee from the mattress. It is better to act as fast as possible to ease the cleaning process.

Special types of detergents are available in the market to remove urine stains. But in this article, we have simplest solutions to remove the stain and the smell. Cleaning as quick as possible can avoid the formation of germs.

Procedure when the stain is wet:

  • First, try to use dry clothes or tissue papers to remove the urine. Do not rub the urinated area as it will spread the urine further.
  • Spray some washing soda over the area, and leave it there to soak for a few minutes.
  • Make sure to open the windows and doors to allow ventilation, to avoid odor. It is advisable to switch on the fans in the room.
  • Now again remove the moisture from the wetted area with dry cloths and then again put some baking soda over it.
  • Leave it as such for a day. After that, clean the place with the vacuum cleaner.

Procedure when the stain is dry:

Mattress Stain Removal Services Melbourne

Mattress Stain Removal Services Melbourne

  • Pour some diluted vinegar solution and let it soak for a few minutes. Then aerate the stained area using your fan and open windows.
  • Lay some tissue papers over the stained area.
  • Then use the same procedure as before, i.e. apply some baking soda such that is soaks the vinegar solution. Then after some time, use a vacuum cleaner to finish the cleaning.

Alternative method:

  • Mix hydrogen peroxide (8 ounces), baking soda (three tablespoons) and some drops of dishwashing soap in a spray bottle.
  • Shake it up a little and then spray it over the stain
  • Wait for some time to dry the solution in the mattress
  • Use your vacuum cleaner to get rid of the baking soda from your mattress.
Mattress Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Mattress Steam Cleaning Melbourne

You can also use essential oils with vinegar to get rid of the odor. If you are not having vinegar, you can use vodka instead which dries very faster than vinegar. If the smell is too strong, then leave the mattress in the sunshine. This method also works with vomit stains in the mattress.  There are protective coats are available which can ease the cleaning process. A better method is to use diapers for the babies to avoid this lengthy procedure of cleaning.


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