The Ultimate Mattress Cleaning Hacks for Pet Owners

Do you sleep cuddling your furry babies? If yes, this post is going to be your super savior. Pets are cute, cuddly, and cozy, but with them comes their dander, fur, dirt, and fleas. Therefore, as a pet parent, you should be one step ahead in the mattress cleaning game to ensure proper cleaning without restricting your furry babies to the living areas.

This post will discuss tips for maintaining mattress cleanliness, why it is essential, and how often to clean your bedding. So, let’s get started!

Why Should You Take Double Care of Your Mattresses with Pets Around?

1. Pet Odor

No matter how much you adore your pet, the smell of their danger, poop, and urine is intolerable. If these molecules penetrate your mattress, eliminating them will be very tricky. Therefore, regular mattress cleaning is a need. We suggest hiring professional mattress cleaners in such cases or replacing your mattresses.

2. Allergies and Respiratory Problems

Pet’s dander, our dead skin cells, sweat, fur, and similar pollutants make your mattress allergens’ breeding ground. These allergies cause breathing issues and respiratory issues.

3. Skin Irritations and Infections

Allergens may also cause skin irritations, runny nose, watery eyes, and whatnot. Therefore, it’s essential to follow a mattress cleaning routine and stick to it.

4. Disturbed Sleep

Due to allergens, pollutants, skin irritations, and all these issues, you may not get quality sleep. That may affect your productivity, stress levels, and overall health.

5. Reduced Mattress Lifespan

The pollutants and filth can weaken your mattress’s fabric, and you might have to replace it before. It will be more expensive to replace a mattress every two to three years than to hire professionals for deep mattress cleaning every six months.

How Often To Clean Mattresses?

Cleaning mattresses should not take all your time, so here is how often you should clean them:

1. Schedule a Weekly Vacuuming Session

2. Hire Mattress Cleaning Experts Every six to eight months

3. Flip Your Mattress Every Three Months

4. Remove Stains or Spills Immediately

Practical Hacks to Maintain Mattress Cleanliness As A Pet Parent

1. Keep Your Fur Babies Always Well-Groomed

Regularly cleaning your pet’s paws will save time and protect your mattresses. Dogs are often outdoors, so that’s an efficient technique for them. By cleaning their paws, you may reduce the amount of dirt and debris from outside that they track into your rugs.

We recognize that trimming your pet’s nails isn’t exactly a fun activity. However, since your pet’s long nails have the potential to rip or unravel carpet fibers, this may be a worthwhile purchase. A routine trim might have an effect.

2. Cover Their Sleeping Areas With Another Sheet

You may give your pet a fresh, fluffy, little rug or mat if you see them spending a lot of time on the bed. Every pet has a cozy spot where they may rest, play, or yawn. Giving them an alternate may be helpful.

3. Hire Mattress Cleaning Professionals Using Pet-Friendly Solutions Only

A few reputable companies use pet-friendly cleaning solutions that clean mattresses without harming your fur babies. These professionals inspect the mattress and provide suitable yet efficient solutions.

4. Deal With Pet Stains or Accidents immediately

Being prepared will help you avoid unpleasant odors and sticky stains that appear when your pet leaves you a present on the carpet. The temptation to ignore or avoid a fresh canine mess may be strong, but doing so may make cleanup more challenging. As soon as possible, dab moist areas with newspapers or an old towel.

In most places, that is especially important. If possible, absorb as much moisture as possible to make it easier to kill germs and get the pet poop smell out of the mattress.

5. Use a Reliable Mattress Protector

Fabric protectors can safeguard your mattress from pet accidents like poop, urine, or vomit. You may then clean the mess with cotton or tissues. It creates a protective shield on your mattress so no dirt, filth, or urine can penetrate the fiber. Therefore, applying a protector is always an investment.

6. Toilet-Train That Puppy

Although puppies and kittens are cute, they require toilet training. With this, you will protect your mattress, carpets, and floors from unpleasant odors and stains. Mattress fibers feel velvety under their claws, so they mistake it for dirt outside and may urinate on it. Therefore, even when they are one or two years old, you should exercise additional caution.

7. Follow a Vacuuming Schedule

Dander is produced even if your pet doesn’t shed much. That might cause a rug to get heavy and smell like a pet. To avoid this from being a problem, you should vacuum twice each week. You should remove the bedding and vacuum-clean the mattress.

Pet dander and hair might travel and end up on the carpet beneath the furniture. If your pet nibbles on the mattress, vacuuming their play areas is also a good idea. Drool and toys can also get into the flooring. Over time, pet saliva can emit an unpleasant stench.

The Bottom Line

Pets are adorable, no doubt about that! However, keeping your mattresses, carpets, and rugs clean seems next to impossible with furry babies around. But that’s not the case anymore. With this detailed guide and tips, you can keep your pets and mattresses happy. We hope you found our post helpful. Happy cleaning!

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