How Often to Vacuum a Mattress?

You might have read about vacuuming a mattress in every cleaning blog or mattress care label. But no one explains how to do it, how often to do it, and why to do it. Worry not; we are here to answer all these questions and offer clarity. This post will discuss every aspect of vacuum mattress cleaning with handy tips and crucial information. So, without much ado, let’s get started!


Reasons Why You Should Vacuum Your Mattress? 

  1. Removes Dust Mites and Allergens

90% of your bed’s issues will stop if there is no dust buildup. Vacuuming can help you with that! According to mattress cleaning Melbourne experts, you can minimize dust mites and allergens with proper vacuuming sessions.

The dust on your bed holds your dead skin, dander, and similar pollutants that dust mites feed on. So, by vacuuming, you eliminate these food sources and limit dust mites.

  1. Help Extend The Life of Your Mattress

A dust-free and clean mattress may serve you for decades. Therefore, it’s never too late to start vacuuming your mattress. It can save you a fortune on mattress replacement.

  1. Don’t Trap Foul Odor

Due to less dust, trapped pollutants, and similar substances, your mattress doesn’t hold the odor if you vacuum it regularly. That way, you can sleep without disturbance!

Vacuum mattress cleaning may also remove fungus, pet hair, food crumbles, and any similar substances. This one cleaning habit may benefit you in many ways! So, take mattress cleaning Melbourne experts’ advice and vacuum your bed.


How Often to Vacuum Your Mattress? 

There is no official rule of how often you can vacuum your mattress. You can vacuum it every week or month if you have time. However, vacuuming your mattress pad every month is enough. But, if you have allergies, we suggest you make it twice a month or every time your change the bedsheet. If that’s not possible, ensure to make vacuuming your seasonal practice

Besides mattress vacuuming, hire professionals every six to eight months for mattress deep cleaning. Even if you don’t see the stains or marks, your mattress gets dirty every day and needs these services! So, don’t ignore your bed’s hygiene and call experts!


Is Vacuuming Enough? 

Even though vacuum mattress cleaning is a very essential cleaning habit, it’s not enough to save your mattress from allergens, stains, or pollutants. It can limit them but can’t remove them from the roots. That’s why you need mattress stain removal Melbourne experts

Professionals deep clean your precious bed to ensure 100% safety for you and your mattress. Their advanced techniques, tools, and machines can thoroughly clean and sanitize your mattress.

Therefore, you should create a mattress vacuuming schedule and stick to it. However, hiring mattress cleaning Melbourne experts is a must!


Essential Tips on Vacuuming Mattresses

  • Use an upholstery attachment on your Hoover for deep vacuuming. You may use moderate handheld vacuum cleaners too.
  • Check the mattress’s care label for more vacuuming tips.
  • Use a carpet brush to clean soiled mattresses before vacuuming. The Hoover will remove tiny particles and remove food particles or similar substances.
  • Sprinkling baking soda before vacuuming may also help remove stains and odors.
  • Vacuum in a circular motion to remove deeply trapped allergens and dust particles.
  • Besides vacuuming your mattress, we suggest cleaning bedding like bed sheets and pillow covers every week. These are the belongings that hold dead skin cells and similar pollutants that may stick to your bed.
  • Keep your pets in another room while vacuuming the mattress. If possible, limit their presence on the bed.


Contact Professionals and Learn More! 

The mattress is protected from allergies, pollutants, and dirt particles by routine vacuuming. Regular vacuuming of your mattress is essential to keep the surface clean and allergen-free and maintain the quality and durability of your bed. So, ensure to practice regular mattress vacuuming and hire experts for deep cleaning. These two simple habits can help you sleep better!

Also, a professional can tell you more about vacuuming depending on your mattress type. So, the next time you hire them for mattress cleaning, ask all your queries on how to vacuum a mattress.

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