A Complete Guide for Cleaning a Mattress

Have you noticed dirty stain patches on your mattress? Every time you change your bed covers you must think about the dirt your mattress is carrying. Thus, these are fungus and bacteria developing on your bed. They also carry allergens throughout the year. Along with that, you might find fleas and mites infesting your mattresses. Now comes the important question – how to clean your mattress? Though it seems like a tedious job. You will be surprised to know it is really simple to do so.

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A Complete Guide for Cleaning a Mattress

How to clean the mattress at home

Here is a complete guide on how to clean mattresses at your home. We know mattress is a great one time investment. Thus, taking care of it becomes important too.

Inspect the bad areas – Firstly, understand the stains on your mattress. Look for dust mites, bed bugs and fleas. You might find them jumping around. Call a mattress cleaning service provider in such cases.

Thoroughly vacuuming – Secondly, grab your vacuum cleaner. Let it go over the whole mattress. Thoroughly clean the surface. This will get rid of all the dust and allergens developed in these years. Also will remove the dust mites from your bed.

Blotting of the stains – This is the most important step. Your mattress is memory foam. You can’t put water on it. There are stain removers available at local stores. Before you buy one understand that different stains require different types of removers. Thus, blot the stains with patience. Make sure not to use more of the product and water. With a cloth dipped in cold water blot away the product.

Make your own stain remover – Well yes, you can make a DIY stain remover. Grab these materials for it.It’s pretty simple. Mix cold water and hydrogen peroxide. And your solution is ready to remove stains.

Sundry your mattress – Nature is gifted with natural healing methods. Sun-drying a mattress is the best option. This will kill all the germs and make your mattress fresh like new. The fresh air will remove possible odours.
Baking soda – If you don’t have the suitable weather to sundry. There is an alternative. Sprinkle baking soda all over the surface of the mattress. Let it be overnight. Make sure to have good ventilation in your home or in the area where the mattress is placed.

Re vacuuming – Now that your mattress is fresh and clean. Vacuum it again thoroughly as the last step.

Bed covers  Use fresh bed covers. Keep changing them timely. This will prevent the rotting of mattresses.

Therefore, now you know how simple it is to clean mattresses on your own. But sometimes mattresses develop too many fungi and moulds. Hence, these can’t be removed by the general stain removers. That’s when you need some professional help. Call our local mattress cleaners to do so. Deluxe Mattress Cleaning is one of the best mattress cleaning companies. We provide affordable and quality mattress cleaning services.

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