How Do You Handle Mattresses With Some Stains?

If you are looking forward to making your mattress stain-free then you should hand over this task to the experts. They have specialization and relevant tools to clean the mattress. They have experience and expertise in these things. So, make sure that you know how you need to take the solution ahead. If you have stains on the mattress and if you do not have time to clean the mattress with some stains then you need to talk to the experts. 

The stains can be of various types and to remove them, if you follow the step-by-step process then that can help you for sure.

For wet stains, put a blotting paper on the mattress

If some liquid has spilled over or if there is bloodstain or Urine Stains then you must first put the blotting paper over the same. This is because the wetness should be absorbed first. Once you have removed the wetness, you should take a damp cloth and then remove the stain. You will see that this will have some positive effects.

Spray soap water on the stain

Now, the second step should be to spray soap water over the stain. You should then take a damp cloth and then move over the stain. You should be gentle while doing this. So, you will see that with soap water, the stain will become light.

Use hydrogen peroxide over the dry stain

If you wish to use something that would make the stain go away then you can use hydrogen peroxide. It will help in making the stain less visible. You can directly apply it to the stain and that will give wonderful results.

Air-dry the mattress with vacuum

Since you are doing spot removal or stain removal, the entire mattress is not wet. All you must do is make the mattress dry. You should switch on the fan and air dry the same. If that doesn’t happen then you can even use the vacuum and dry it with its air.

Make the mattress fresh by deodorizing it

Now, the last step will be to make the mattress fresh once again. You will have to deodorize the same and for that, you can apply or sprinkle baking soda powder over the mattress and then vacuum clean the same. The mattress will become fresh and amazing. The above steps help you to remove stains from the mattress. This is how the professionals also handle it. In fact, for professionals, Steam Cleaning is also one of the best options to remove stains.


It is up to you as to how you want to clean the mattress. You can hand over this task to the professionals. They would do spot cleaning with special chemicals and stain removers. If you want to steam clean the mattress then that will also be possible for sure. Let the experts decide as to what will help to clean the mattress with some stains by Mattress Cleaning Hobart.

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