3 ways for Air Mattress Cleaning

Air mattress is known for their comfort and coziness and is an excellent choice for providing spaces for guests and friends. Air mattress is made up of very delicate material that is why they require cleaning methods which differ from a regular mattress. Air mattress are very easy to use and maintain, normal daily cleaning will make sure that the quality of your mattress is intact. Mattress strain removal is also an issue which you need to consider when it gets stained. Air mattress cleaning can be done by many methods, we are providing you with 3 Ways for Air mattress Cleaning.

Air Mattress Cleaning

Air Mattress Cleaning

Ways For Air Mattress Cleaning

1. Mild soap and Warm Water

Prepare a solution warm water and a mild soap in a bucket, you can now rinse a cloth in this solution. USe this cloth to scrub every inch of your mattress and pay special attention to the stains and presence of dirt. Keep scrubbing the entire surface of the mattress and finish air mattress cleaning by scrubbing the bottom of the air mattress as well. Also, the mattress to dry under a fan.

2. White Vinegar and Water

White vinegar can be used for routine air mattress cleaning. You can use it by preparing a solution of water and vinegar both taken in equal parts. Pour the solution in an empty spray bottle and spray it over every part of your mattress. After spraying the solution using a sponge or a cloth to clean your air mattress thoroughly. Repeat the process if you see any sign of stain and mud on the mattress. Vinegar can also be used for mattress mould removal as well. Vinegar is not only antifungal but also takes care of mattress deodourisation.

3.  Isopropyl Alcohol and water

Isopropyl alcohol is a commonly available substance which you can use for air mattress cleaning and mattress stain removal. Mix alcohol and warm water in a bucket and use this solution by rining a cloth or a sponge in it. Use the sponge to scrub off every inch of your mattress, keep repeating for desired results and alcohol is generally antimicrobial and antifungal thus it will take care of mattress sanitization too. Dry your air mattress after the cleaning has been done.

Mattress Sanitization

Mattress Sanitization

Professional Assistance

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