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The comfort of your mattress is lost? Well, the mattress can get stiff after a lot of weathering and because of all the dirt, debris, dust accumulation. No need to worry, a professional mattress cleaning service can solve all your problems. Book expert mattress cleaners of Brisbane from Deluxe Mattress Cleaning in your budget. The mattress cleaning Brisbane team consists of:

  • Professional cleaning experts
  • Licensed mattress cleaners
  • Well-trained specialists
  • Well-experienced cleaning specialists

Our team members can clear up all the issues that you have with your mattress on with just one call.

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    Mattress Sizes & Dimensions

    Crib27” X 52”68.5cm X 132cm
    Twin39” X 75”96.5cm X 190.5cm
    Twin XL39” X 80”96.5cm X 203.5cm
    Full54” X 75”134.5cm X 190.5cm
    Queen60” X 80”152.5cm X 203.5cm
    King76” X 80”193cm X 203.5cm
    Cal King72” X 84”183cm X 213.5cm

    Why Is It Important To Have Your Mattress Cleaned?

    Our mattresses are an important part of life, they serve us daily. Using it daily makes them dirty and unhygienic and using it without cleaning can make us sick or cause side-effects. Here are some benefits of having a clean and sanitized mattress.


    • Cleaning the mattress every month keeps the dust mites away from the mattress. It also keeps away other types of pathogens and bacteria.
    • In the process of mattress cleaning, the dead skin cells are removed. The dead skin cells are a food source for dust mites. Thus, cleaning the mattress from time to time is quite important.
    • Professional mattress cleaners use natural and eco-friendly solvent, which not only cleans the mattress but also makes it smell fresh. A study has shown that if you sleep on a clean and fresh mattress, you’ll sleep better.
    • Mattress cleaning enhances your hygiene and provides a better night’s sleep, and it also extends the mattress life.
    • A clean mattress also reduces the chances of allergies and reduces the chances of infection in toddlers.
    • Dust mites excrete their body mass two times a day! A Safe Mattress clean – up extracts feces from the toxic allergy-causing mite particles.
    Mattress Cleaning Brisbane


    Our Mattress Cleaning Services Available In Brisbane And Nearby Suburbs

    Mattress overtime harbours germs, dust mites, dead skin cells, and many other things. This makes our mattress unhygienic and an unsafe place for sleeping. These unwanted foreign things then cause sleep disturbances, allergies, and asthma. Therefore, we have designed a full-proof mattress cleaning in Brisbane service. It can kill bacteria, clean dirt, and remove odour from the mattress. Here is the list of our services:


    Mattress Steam Cleaning Brisbane

    Mattress Steam Cleaning

    Mattress steam cleaning Brisbane is the finest answer for all of your mattress’s troubles. At high temperatures, water coupled with a cleaning solution produces steam. This steam has the ability to penetrate deep into the mattress and remove all dirt and stains. As a result, steam cleaning a mattress is a fantastic approach to save it.


    Sanitization Of Mattress Brisbane

    Mattress sanitization is critical. Every day, we lay on our mattresses, and as we sleep, our biological fluids pass through the bedsheet and into the mattress, resulting in a bacterial infestation. We sterilize the mattress with a one-of-a-kind eco-friendly solution. You can count on us for affordable mattress cleaning in Brisbane.


    Mattress Dry Cleaning Brisbane

    Mattress dry cleaning is a simple and quick technique to remove dust, filth, and odours from your mattress. In the technique, a particular mattress dry cleaning solvent is utilized to clean the mattress without even using water. This is a short operation, and the mattress is available to use immediately following the treatment.


    Mattress Odour Removal Brisbane

    Urine, sweat, and pet odour sit permanently on the mattress, it causes discomfort. To deodorize the mattress we infuse essential oil into the mattress. Essential oil makes the mattress smell good. If required we can also go for Mattress Steam Cleaning


    Mould Treatment of Mattress Brisbane

    This is a fungus that spreads quickly and causes harm to the mattress over time. Mould can also cause allergies and pose a risk to asthma patients. Deluxe Mattress Cleaning employs a variety of methods to cure mould and Professionally Clean Mattresses.


    Mattress Bed Bug Treatment Brisbane

    Mattress Bed Bug Treatment

    Bed bugs flourish in moist and gloomy environments, causing significant pain and disrupting sleep. In brief, bed insect infestation on a mattress and in the bed area is a major issue. As a result, we offer a specific Bed Cleaning Service that is designed to destroy bed bugs and rid the mattress of any lingering pesticides such as dust mites or bed bug eggs.


    Thus, if you are here because of your search for ” mattress cleaning near me” then you can book our professionals for all kinds of mattress cleaning services in Brisbane and nearby suburbs

    Scotchgard Mattress Stain Protection

    We provide Scotchgard Mattress Stain Protection to safeguard your mattress from daily and inevitable stains. We have the best expert mattress cleaners in Brisbane and its surrounding regions to deliver this service.

    Same Day Mattress Cleaning

    Our Mattress Cleaner Service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency mattress cleaning services. We can be at your home or business property within 30 minutes after booking on the same day. We arrive at your home, armed with a variety of anti-hazard, bio-friendly cleaning chemicals, to perform Mattress Deep Cleaning Services.


    The Best Local Professional Service For Stain Cleaning From Mattress

    Urine stain, bloodstain, coffee stain, and many other types of stain on the mattress are common to see. The harsh fact about these stains is that they are hard to get rid of. We at Deluxe Mattress Cleaning are experts in mattress stain removal, and we provide complete mattress stain removal service. We have provided our experts with quality stain removal solvents, and by using their proficiency and our supplies they do the stain removal. Some common types of stain on the mattress that we clean:


    Mattress Bloodstain Brisbane

    Mattress Blood Stain

    Bloodstain is a very common stain, which we deal with on a day to day basis while delivering mattress stain removal service. We use a special solvent and anti-bacterial to remove pathogens and stains from the mattress.


    Mattress Coffee Stain Brisbane

    Mattress Coffee Stain

    While sipping coffee on a Sunday morning, we frequently spill coffee. While coffee stains are difficult to remove, it is not unfeasible. In our mattress coffee stain removal service, we use anti-bacterial and unique mattress stain removal solutions to clean the mattress.


    Urine Stain on Mattress Brisbane

    Pet Urine Stain on Mattress

    Kids and dogs have no control over the urine; every child wets their bed at some point in their lives, and it is a natural part of growing up. In our urine stain removal service, we take a novel way to cleaning the mattress while also removing urine odour.


    Our Mattress Cleaning Process In Brisbane

    At Deluxe Mattress Cleaning, we have a concrete plan for providing all types of Brisbane mattress cleaning services. With the help of our expert staff we execute this plan, here look at the original modus operandi:

    • Inspection: Once the booking is confirmed from your side, a team of experts will come to your place to visit. In this visit, the expert will look at the mattress condition and prepare a plan. This visit can be done on the same day of delivery or whenever the client wants.
    • Delivery: We divide the team into two different groups of the task force, one task force does the core work such as cleaning, Mattress Stain Cleaning Services, and sanitization. The other group is responsible for the quality and quick drying.
    • Payment: After the service is delivered we seek the payment and give the client a feedback form. The payment can be made through a cheque or credit card.

    Why You Should Have Your Mattress Cleaned By Professionals?

    While we invest almost a significant amount of our lives on our bed, we rarely think of cleaning the mattress. So far, no matter how perfect your house has been, there are almost always bacteria, fungi, and dust mites exist on your mattress. Dust mites are small in size and prey on the cells of dead tissue that flake from our bodies while we are asleep. They continuously replicate the dead dust mites in your mattress and the faeces that they left behind occupy your mattress together with the live mites. Some concrete reasons why you should hire professionals for cleaning your mattress.

    • Reassurance.
    • Perfection.
    • Peace of mind.
    • Quality of cleaning.

    Need services elsewhere other than Brisbane? No worries, our professionals also offer services for Mattress Cleaning Melbourne and also for Mattress Cleaning Sydney at nominal rates. So, what you are waiting for? To hire our experts, give us a call on 0488 849 362


    Benefits Of Deluxe Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

    The leading company is rendering the Professional Mattress Cleaning Brisbane services on the Same Day of bookings. All the services which you get from us will be surely given by the professionals in Brisbane. To ensure the quality and satisfying services we recommend you to choose us. You can make bookings now and our professionals will reach your doorstep in a minimal period. Here are some benefits of choosing us:


    • Quality mattress cleaning service.
    • Affordable mattress cleaning services.
    • Seasonal discount.
    • Quick mattress drying after steam cleaning service.
    • Available 24 X 7 for emergency mattress cleaning.
    • Use eco-friendly mattress cleaning solutions.
    • Same Day Mattress Steam Cleaning services.
    • Certified and licensed Local mattress cleaner, Brisbane.
    Mattress Cleaning Service Brisbane


    FAQ’s on Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

    Q – Do you provide service for mattress sanitisation?

    Yes, mattress sanitisation is one of our prime services. This service will make the mattress free of dust mites, germs and microbes.

    Q – Do you provide same day mattress cleaning service in Brisbane?

    Yes, we are available and capable of providing same day mattress cleaning service. Our professionals can reach your place within an hour of booking if it’s an emergency.

    Q – Will all the mattress stains be removed?

    Our Mattress Steam Cleaner can remove any type of mattress stains. We try our best to remove all the stains. All the stains are removed using organic stain removers. There will be no bad impact on mattress fibres and colour.