DIY Mattress Dry Cleaning Vs Professional Mattress Dry Cleaning

Everyone wants a comfortable and fresh mattress because a dirty mattress can affect your health and quality of sleep. By changing the bed sheets regularly the mattress can still build up dust mites, dead skin, oils, and other residues. So Mattress Cleaning is very important for a healthy and cleaned mattress. The difficult task is to decide whether to go for DIY Mattress Dry Cleaning or Professional Mattress Dry Cleaning tips.

DIY Mattress Dry Cleaning 

DIY tips are best to save money and to get rid of Clean Stains From Your Mattress quickly. Removing stains is not enough, it’s important to use Mattress Dry Cleaning products properly. So, avoid leaving your mattress damp as it gives a chance to develop bacteria. 

  • Vacuum

Flip the mattress and use a vacuum on the mattress for cleaning. Take care of the steam line because most dust particles settle up there. 

  • Spot Clean

If food spills then the mattress gets oily stains. Follow DIY tips for dry cleaning the mattress. Make a paste with baking soda, salt, and water and apply the paste to the stain and wait for 30 minutes. Take a cloth dampened in cool water and wipe it. Dry the surface with a hairdryer, vacuum, and fan. Moreover, you can use hydrogen peroxide and water to clean the stains of crayons, beverages, blood, or urine. With a soft toothbrush apply on stains and wait for five minutes. 

  • Deodorize

Sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and wait for 1 hour to let it sit. Then with the help of vacuum clean baking soda. 

Professional Mattress Dry Cleaning

It’s important to take Mattress Dry Cleaning seriously because the mattress is a serious investment made by any homeowner. To keep the mattress in a good condition remove all dust mites, dead skin, and debris. For better cleaning results call professional Mattress Dry Cleaning services.

  • Deep Dry Extraction

Professionals use this method to extract dust and allergens from mattresses. Deep extraction is used on all four sides of the mattress, and also on top and bottom. To vibrate the contaminants from the fabric of the mattress using a high-powered machine with a rolling brush. This method is highly effective for those allergic to dust mites because it cleans and Best way to sanitize a mattress.

  • UV-C Light Method

This method is used by professionals to kill the bacteria inside the mattress. Direct exposure to the correct frequency of UV rays needs 3-10 minutes to kill bacteria. 

  • Steam Sanitization

To disinfect the bacteria, dust particles, and mold professional Mattress Cleaning Sydney services use steam. Treat the mattress with steam at 135 degrees and this will extract the soil and disinfect your mattress. 


Now you know how to dry clean your mattress using DIY tips and with professional help. For your well-being, having a clean mattress is important. Follow the Mattress Cleaning Brisbane method properly and check the label of a mattress before implementing any method.

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