Smart Ways To Protect Your Mattress From All The Stains

It is often quite problematic when you have to Steam Cleaning the stains on the mattress. Wouldn’t it be good, if you could save the mattress from the stains? Prevention is better than cure and so, if you want to know about the smart ways to protect your mattress from stains, then read on the information given below.

  1. Use a mattress protecting cloth or mattress protector

Online you will find many amazing options in mattress protectors. This will help in keeping the mattress protected from stains. Most of these protectors are spill-free or stain-free. They do not absorb the stains Mattresses Deep and hence, if the protector is on, your mattress can stay safe.

  1. Cover the entire mattress with a full length bedsheet

If you are looking forward to covering the mattress then you should be using a good quality full-length bedsheet. This will ensure that the stains will not go to the mattress. If the mattress is covered fully then there would hardly be any chance of the stains going inside. So, make sure that you know how you need to cover the bed sheet.

  1. Avoid eating on the mattress

You should make a special rule book for the house wherein no one should sit on the bed and eat. The pets should also be discouraged from playing on the bed. If they poop or urinate on the mattress then there would be tough Mattress Stains. It is therefore vital that you take the right measures and get the best solutions. 

  1. Avoid mold stains by airing the mattress well

You must keep the room ventilated enough. This is because if there is a mold issue then there might be some stains on the mattress too. This will make the mattress look bad. Thus, you should air-dry the mattress so that it remains fresh and good. It is important to keep the same away from mold stains.

  1. Buy waterproof proof bed sheets or bed covers

While buying bed sheets, you must see to it that you buy those which are waterproof. This will help in enhancing the conditions at home. A mattress that is well-protected can help you get the best feel.

  1. Wash the bedding once a week

You must wash off the bedding at least once a week. This will ensure that the stains do not go from the bedding to the mattress. 

The above are some of the smart ways to protect your mattress. Use them and make things work the way you want.


Having a clean and stain-free mattress can make your home environment perfect. It is better that you take the right action at the right time so that you know what things will work well for you. Having a clean and stain-free mattress would mean that you need a perfect plan to save the mattress or protect it from stains by Deluxe Mattress Cleaning. So, get ready to know the solutions.

How Will You Get To Know Your Mattresses Deep Cleaned?

Mattresses are comfortable and need more attention & care in every home, but they don’t remain fresh forever. They may collapse, take in dirt and dust mites after reaching a few years old. They develop aesthetic issues, or collect body molds that cause major health problems. Most people just clear the mess around the bed and pile up a single sheet at night for bedding. And they accept any muck in and around the bed in their lifetime due to this lazy habit. To keep mattresses healthy and clean, treat the Mattresses with a Mattresses Deep Cleaning service every 3-5 years. Regular professional treatment of your mattress is essential. 

It helps to remove dust mites, bacteria, and other unwanted things that live in your bed. It may cause asthma, allergies, and other adverse effects on your health. Mattress cleaning is a very dirty process. Our Mattress Steam Cleaning services also include deodorizing and sanitizing mattresses and bedding ( i.e., comforters, mattress covers, sheets, etc.). Like other household objects, mattresses are prone to accumulate a great deal of dirt. The reason is only that they are so hard to clean. In addition to all the usual types of dirt found elsewhere in your home. Mattresses also collect sweat, dead skin cells, and even urine, often without you even knowing about it. Nowadays, every home has a mattress. 

Mattresses need Deep Cleaning when there are germs, dust mites, and even bed bugs on your mattress. Once inside, these germs and bugs are too comfortable because of the mattress’s warm, humid, and soft environment to move elsewhere. This is the moment when you have to have them Deep Cleaned, especially for Mattresses. Mattresses Deep Cleaning which is something that every individual in the home and office should do regularly. Now, when we talk about mattresses, Mattress Cleaning Perth aren’t necessarily talking about just any mattresses but a mattress used for sleeping or pets and other uses in the house. When was the last time you deep cleaned your mattresses? 

In addition to sanitizing your mattresses, also remove the allergen and pathogens that cause allergies, bad breath, asthma, and other respiratory disorders. Sanitizing is a non-toxic natural process that kills 99% of all germs, dust mites.


We clean your mattresses at the store, but it’s messy and can be a hassle for you to pick them up. We will send a professional mattress cleaner to your home with our newest program, so you don’t have to take time off from work or wait in any lines. Great for busy people! When you buy a new mattress, it is not always covered with plastic or some kind of cover. A bad mattress makes it possible for dust mites to slowly accumulate in your mattress. A deep clean can stop that from happening. Do you want to know more about How to Clean Odour & Deodorise Mattress? It will ensure that you not only get a clean mattress but prevents dust mites from building nests.

What is the best way to sanitize a mattress?

Sanitization plays an important role in your life so that you can fight various germs and bacterias. It is also important for you to sanitize your mattress on time so that you can keep the harmful diseases away from your loved ones. If you do not sanitize your mattress on time then there is a risk of infection to you and your family. Sanitization will also help the mattress to live longer and the dust and dirt will also be removed from the mattress. There are so many ways to clean your mattress easily but it is difficult for you to do it on your own. You can get help from experts to clean and sanitize your mattress. 

Best Ways To Sanitize Your Mattress

Best Ways To Sanitize Any Mattress: 

  1. Steam Cleaning Method – It is not easy to see the germs and bacterias present on your mattress. You can choose a mattress steam cleaning method to remove all the harmful allergens and bacterias. This method is useful to sanitize mattresses very easily. You have to mix some chemicals in the steam cleaning mixture to kill all the germs and bacterias. This is one of the best ways to disinfect your mattress.
  2. Use disinfection spray – There is another way to sanitize your mattress is by using some antibacterial spray against various bacterias and germs. This spray will kill all the harmful allergens and viruses that can cause health problems for you and your family. Disinfection is the best way to keep the harmful germs away from the mattress. Always choose a spray very carefully so that your mattress fabric will not be harmed.
  3. Use Vinegar – You can also use vinegar to disinfect your mattress. It is considered one of the easiest ways to sanitize the mattress. You just need to mix some vinegar with water to make a mixture and fill it in a spray bottle. Then you have to spray all over the mattress to sanitize it properly.
  4. Use baking soda – To get rid of the various germs and bacterias you can use baking soda as well. This is also an effective way to sanitize your mattress. You just have to take some baking soda and spread it all over your mattress and leave it for some time. It will sanitize your mattress properly and the germs and bacterias will be there no more.
  5. Use vodka – You can easily sanitize your mattress by using vodka. It will keep the allergens away from your mattress. All the germs and bacterias will be removed easily with the help of vodka. At first, you just need to vacuum the mattress properly. Then you have to fill a spray bottle with some vodka and spray it all over the mattress to disinfect it. Always make sure to dry the mattress properly before using it. Vodka is used by so many people to disinfect the mattress. 

Call The Experts To Sanitize Your Mattress 

The Experts To Sanitize Your Mattress

If you don’t want to put your family health at risk then you need to hire mattress cleaning experts for mattress sanitization. You can call Deluxe Mattress Cleaning to remove the germs and bacterias from your mattress. Our team will help you in getting rid of harmful allergens that can put your health in trouble. We also have a team of experts who know how to deal with the mattress sanitization process. They will be available at your service 24/7. We are also using the latest methods and techniques to sanitize the mattress. All our services are also available at reasonable rates. You can also contact us right now to book the slots.

A Complete Guide for Cleaning a Mattress

Have you noticed dirty stain patches on your mattress? Every time you change your bed covers you must think about the dirt your mattress is carrying. Thus, these are fungus and bacteria developing on your bed. They also carry allergens throughout the year. Along with that, you might find fleas and mites infesting your mattresses. Now comes the important question – how to clean your mattress? Though it seems like a tedious job. You will be surprised to know it is really simple to do so.

Deluxe Mattress Cleaning is a professional mattress cleaning expert. We make the job easier for you. Call us on (+61) 482 077 468 to get affordable price options.

A Complete Guide for Cleaning a Mattress

How to clean the mattress at home

Here is a complete guide on how to clean mattresses at your home. We know mattress is a great one time investment. Thus, taking care of it becomes important too.

Inspect the bad areas – Firstly, understand the stains on your mattress. Look for dust mites, bed bugs and fleas. You might find them jumping around. Call a mattress cleaning service provider in such cases.

Thoroughly vacuuming – Secondly, grab your vacuum cleaner. Let it go over the whole mattress. Thoroughly clean the surface. This will get rid of all the dust and allergens developed in these years. Also will remove the dust mites from your bed.

Blotting of the stains – This is the most important step. Your mattress is memory foam. You can’t put water on it. There are stain removers available at local stores. Before you buy one understand that different stains require different types of removers. Thus, blot the stains with patience. Make sure not to use more of the product and water. With a cloth dipped in cold water blot away the product.

Make your own stain remover – Well yes, you can make a DIY stain remover. Grab these materials for it.It’s pretty simple. Mix cold water and hydrogen peroxide. And your solution is ready to remove stains.

Sundry your mattress – Nature is gifted with natural healing methods. Sun-drying a mattress is the best option. This will kill all the germs and make your mattress fresh like new. The fresh air will remove possible odours.
Baking soda – If you don’t have the suitable weather to sundry. There is an alternative. Sprinkle baking soda all over the surface of the mattress. Let it be overnight. Make sure to have good ventilation in your home or in the area where the mattress is placed.

Re vacuuming – Now that your mattress is fresh and clean. Vacuum it again thoroughly as the last step.

Bed covers  Use fresh bed covers. Keep changing them timely. This will prevent the rotting of mattresses.

Therefore, now you know how simple it is to clean mattresses on your own. But sometimes mattresses develop too many fungi and moulds. Hence, these can’t be removed by the general stain removers. That’s when you need some professional help. Call our local mattress cleaners to do so. Deluxe Mattress Cleaning is one of the best mattress cleaning companies. We provide affordable and quality mattress cleaning services.

Cleaning Mattress Stains That Can Become Mould

Moulds are the reason for threat and risk to one’s life. They can grow on the walls, ceilings, mattress, or any damp area. Humid environment, sweat, and wet stains of any liquid due to which mattress remains wet for long can be the reason of mould growth on your mattress. Having a mould infestation on your mattress can lead to serious health hazards. To save yourself from these situations you have to keep checking for this. The human body perspires while sleeping to cool itself down which in turn leads to the growth of mould and microbes. To stop their spread you can try DIY cleaning methods or contact our professional mattress cleaner for the best results.

Cleaning Mattress Stains That Can Become Mould

Types of stains that can develop as moulds:

Urine Stains

One night urine accident can be enough for moulds to prosper, it can be of a human or animal. But the defect is equally disastrous if left untreated. You cannot leave it to dry like this only or else the mattress would be a victim to moulds and microbes. You should not lose hope and give a try to remove the mattress stain quickly as you notice it.

  • Mix equal amounts of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle.
  • A dry and clean rag can work to blot the excess liquid from the stain.
  • Try to soak as much liquid as you can from the pee stain.
  • Then, spray the mixture on the affected area and sprinkle baking soda followed to it.
  • Let it rest for a few minutes and then vacuum the spot.
  • If you still find the stain, you can repeat the above steps.

Sweat stains

Moulds need a certain temperature, food, and water to grow which is easily obtained by the sweat released by humans on the mattress. Food on which these microbes feed is the dead skin of humans. So, all in all, you provide all optimum conditions in your rooms and on your mattresses to make the mould growth feasible. Fresh stains are wet and dried stains get yellow with time.

  • Mix hydrogen peroxide, water, and liquid detergent in a spray bottle and shake them well.
  • If the stains are wet and fresh, then try to blot them with dry rags or tissues.
  • Spray the mixture on the spot or stain and let it sit for at least 20 minutes.
  • Blot out the excess moisture but do not rub it or else it may penetrate deeper into the mattress.
  • If there is a musty odour then you can sprinkle baking soda and allow it to sit for 24 hours.
  • Vacuum the stains after 24 hours and repeat the process if needed.

Blood Stains

If you have a bloodstain on your mattress then try avoiding warm or hot water to clean it or else it may turn the situation worse. Always use cold water for eradicating bloodstains. Blood has proteins in it and it reacts with water so you have to be very alert while treating this stain. These stains are also the major cause of moulds.

  • Mix 1:1 ratio of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle.
  • A dry and clean rag or a stack of tissues should be used to blot the excess liquid from the stain.
  • Try to blot as much liquid you can from the bloodstain.
  • Then spray the mixture on the spotted area and sprinkle baking soda on it.
  • Let it rest for 30 minutes and try to soak it as much as possible with the help of a vacuum from the mattress.
  • Avoid rubbing it to stop the liquid to enter deeper into the mattress.
  • If you still find the stain, you can repeat the procedure.

We Can Do Perfect Cleaning For You

Perfect Mattress Cleaning

The above listed are effective measures that work for various stains which can potentially develop mould if not taken care of on time. You can also try mattress protectors that are available in the market to create a shield on your mattress. Still, if things don’t work professionals like us should be your first choice to prefer. Deluxe Mattress Cleaning is known for offering the best mattress stain removal services for decades. We have trained and efficient mattress cleaners to provide you with the most effective and expected results to remove all types of stubborn stains from your mattress. You can call us 24*7 for serving you most effectively and at a very affordable price.