How to Remove Pet Stains from The Mattress?

The Reason you Should Quickly Clean The Mattress If you Find Any Pet Stain on It.

One should take action immediately if he or she spots a pet stain on the mattress. This is because it will affect the air around the area of the pet stain, which will cause discomfort since the pet stain is so stinky. The smell may make people around there to even start sneezing. Apart from that, it will also make the area where the stain look unpleasing since no one likes to be associated with such stains and for mattress stain removal you need some professional mattress cleaning services like us.

Pet Stain Removal

Some Major Effects of Pet Stains

The pets we are talking about here are majorly the cats and dogs since they associate mostly with humans who can make them lie on their mattresses.

When the dog urinates on the mattress and the mattress is not cleaned immediately, the urine will be mixed with moisture as time goes by, and this will lead to the growth of mold on the mattress. This will cause some bacteria like penicillin to develop hence interfere with the breathing system of the human beings around the vicinity.

In the case of the cat, their feces are not good to the human body. If they are not cleaned on time they can cause toxoplasmosis which is an illness caused after someone has been exposed to the parasite.

Materials Required for Cleaning a Pet Stained Mattresses 

  • Rags
  • Baking soda
  • Distilled white vinegar or vodka 
  • Spraying bottle 
  • Gloves
  • Basin
  • Cleaning detergents

Here is The Procedure of Cleaning The Pet Stain

  • Put On The GlovesNow, stain the stained area with distilled white vinegar or vodka using the spraying bottles and let it stay there for more than four minutes but less than eleven minutes.
  • Ensure that the room where you are conducting the mattress sanitisation is filled with a lot of air. This can be enhanced by opening all the windows available in that room, open the ceiling fans if it is available and also not forgetting the stand alone fan. If you see that the air is not enough you may also go outside to continue with the process. The importance of the air circulation during this process is that the air here is used to accelerate the reaction between the vodka or vinegar and the pet stain on the mattress.
  • Pour some vinegar or vodka in the basin. Dip a rag in the basin containing the vinegar or vodka and squeeze the rags then press it on the mattress specifically the area containing the stain. This will help in killing the smell completely.
  • Pour some baking soda on the area of the stain. Allow the baking soda to perform its work chemically for some hours around five hours for it to work effectively. After those hours you will notice that the baking soda becomes wet since it has mixed up with vinegar or vodka which had been poured on the same place.
  • The last step for mattress pet stain removal where the mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Here one can decide to either use a vacuum cleaner or wiping with a rag dipped in cleaning detergents. For those using the rags will take their mattress outside so that it can get the heat from the sun so that it can dry but those who will be using the vacuum cleaners will not do such since no liquid will be involved.

Things You Should Must Remember If your Pet is On The Mattress

  • If you will be with your pet on the mattress, remember to use the water proof mattress cover to avoid a lot of pet stain cleanliness.
  • If you spot a pet stain please clean it as early as possible to avoid health issues and discomfort.

Call Our Professionals If you Fail to Execute Above Process

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