What is your mattress cleaning process?

At Deluxe Mattress Cleaning, we follow a simple yet unique cleaning procedure for mattress cleaning. It involves a few steps. First of all, our professional cleaners will inspect your mattresses and see what all needs to be done. The stains are then pre-treated to ensure they are completely removed after the job is done. After cleaning the mattress with eco-friendly solutions we have a post-treatment step for the tougher stains. And once all of this is done, we request you to check your mattresses and let us know if you are satisfied with our services. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal! And our cleaning process ends with that only.

What kind of chemicals do you use for mattress cleaning?

We use only bio-friendly cleaning solutions that are absolutely safe for your mattress fabric and your loved ones. Our mattress cleaning process is designed in such a way that it does not spoil the environment as well. All our cleaning solutions are chemical free.

Q: Is it possible to clean a mattress?

We are the mattress cleaning service provider in the industry to help you out from all type of mattress issue. mattress can be cleaned regularly. following a frequent cleaning process can prevent the buildup of contaminants such as allergens, odors, stains, etc. You can book our mattress cleaning services for the best outcome. Apart from that, we provide a special service called spot pre-treatment useful to eliminate the most stubborn type of stains and odors.

When can I use my bed after your cleaning?

Ans. With in half an hour your mattress is ready to be used again.

Can I avail mattress cleaning on a weekend?

Yes you can avail mattress cleaning from Deluxe Mattress Cleaning Melbourne on a weekend as well. We don’t work according to weekdays or weekends because every day is a working day for us. We are love with what we do and we hate taking offs!

Do you provide mattress dust-mite removal services too?

Yes, our mattress cleaning services comprises complete cleaning of your mattresses including mold removal and dust-mite removal. Our strong eco-friendly cleaning solutions ensure there are no contaminants left in your mattresses once we are done with the cleaning.

How much do you charge for mattress cleaning?

Deluxe Mattress Cleaning offers a very cost-effective price for mattress cleaning. We are doing business successfully for the last 10 years and our satisfied customers love to come back to us for our fine mattress cleaning services. This is why we ensure that our prices don’t come as a shock to our customers. For a rough estimate for your personal needs, we request you to kindly give us a call and talk to our customer executives. They will provide you with a free quote!

When should I get my mattresses cleaned?

How often should you get your mattresses cleaned is something that depends on a number of things. If asked, Deluxe Mattress Cleaning experts can create a proper cleaning schedule in accordance with your individual requirements, environment factors, and health issues. Humidity levels, your lifestyle, air quality, and number of pets and kids also play a major role in deciding how frequently you should get your mattresses cleaned.

How can I avail your services?

All you have to do is give us call to avail our state-of-the-art mattress cleaning services. You can even fill the contact us form and our customer care executives will call you back. Once you give us the details of your specific requirements, we will be able to provide a rough estimate for the services.

What if I am not satisfied with your mattress cleaning services?

You do not have to pay unless you get completely satisfied with our mattress cleaning services. Our dedicated team, of mattress cleaners, is expert and properly trained to achieve perfection in one go and we have a track record of completing our tasks successfully for the last twenty years. However, we give you the guarantee that if we are unable to please you we will not charge a single penny. On the other hand, we will clean it again and then ask for payment once you are satisfied!